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John Hodgman discusses starting to smoke weed at age 43

A good rule of thumb when enjoying the dry comedy of John Hodgman is to never take anything he says at face value. But for what it's worth, on Conan, Hodgman had something to get off his chest. "I'll tell you something Wiz Khalifa won't," Hodgman said, referring to Conan O'Brien's other guest, who has a tattoo of a pot leaf on his face: "I have begun experimenting with marijuana — 43 years old, I thought I'd give it a try."

Hodgman goes on to explain that he was a "good kid" who never did drugs — with some quasi-legal exceptions — but now that marijuana is starting to be decriminalized, "the stigma is falling away," and besides, "marijuana probably isn't as fattening as my nightly martini gallon." The entire video is worth your 3 minutes and 49 seconds. --Peter Weber