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Good album, great price

If you use iTunes, you already have U2's new album, free of charge

Apple won't let you have an Apple Watch until next year, and even the new iPhones won't be for sale until Sept. 19 (you can preorder starting Friday). But if you have iTunes (and if you are interested in an iPhone or Watch, you probably do), Apple already has U2's new album waiting your you, as a surprise gift from the Cupertino giant and U2.

The album, Songs of Innocence, is U2's first studio album in five years; it's sort of a step back to their pre-Joshua Tree sound, and it's getting pretty good reviews. To find to it, go to the iTunes Store section of iTunes, and click on the "Purchased" link in the Quick Links section on the right; the album and a digital booklet should be there for you to stream or download. You need an iTunes account. Songs of Innocence is available for free download until Oct. 13.

Here's Bono and Apple CEO Tim Cook announcing the surprise gift. --Peter Weber