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Stephen Colbert chides Obama for copying the GOP on delaying immigration reform

President Obama's decision over the summer to enact some sort of immigration reform through executive order "completely undermines our constitutional system of checks, balances, and crippling gridlock," Stephen Colbert said on Monday night's Colbert Report, "so you can imagine my relief when I saw our Waffler in Chief fold like a breakfast taco."

Obama's decision to delay moving on immigration has Latino activists asking "Señor Obama, dónde están los cojones?" Colbert said, but he is angry about Obama's dithering for a different reason: "He stole that idea from the Republicans. They've had the idea of putting off doing something about immigration reform for over a decade." Colbert has the video to prove it, and he is skeptical that Washington will ever take action on immigration. Just ask future Stephen. --Peter Weber