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Boehner: Bills to improve economy are 'stuck in the Senate'

House Speaker John Boehner has some choice words about the disappointing economic recovery: It's all the Senate's fault.

In an op-ed for Time, Boehner says that the White House and Senate Democrats should "put politics aside and start putting people first." He's quick to blame the Senate for "dragging their feet," arguing that more than 40 bills passed by the House are now "stuck in the Senate."

The bills in question, Boehner reports, would create jobs and support workers. Boehner says many of the bills are bipartisan, "common-sense jobs bills" that would strengthen small businesses and help seniors and veterans. He's quick to slam Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and he gets in a dig at ObamaCare, too:

These bills are not thousands of pages long, nor are they partisan attempts to slam massive, new, and unwanted federal government programs down the throats of the American people. We all remember the disaster that became ObamaCare.

Instead these common-sense jobs bills, many of them bipartisan, are aimed at strengthening small businesses, allowing working moms and dads to keep more of their wages, and helping our seniors and our veterans. But instead of working with Republicans on the American people's priorities in September, Senator Reid will instead focus on his obsession with the Koch brothers. This obsession is costing our economy jobs and has turned the United States Senate into a legislative graveyard. [Time]

Boehner concludes by urging President Obama to use his threats of executive action to force cooperation from Reid and the Senate. Read Boehner's full article over at Time.