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Boehner blasts Obama's decision to hold off on immigration reform: It 'smacks of raw politics'

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) quickly went on the attack today following the announcement that President Barack Obama would delay executive action on immigration reform until after November's congressional elections.

"The decision to simply delay this deeply controversial and possibly unconstitutional unilateral action until after the election — instead of abandoning the idea altogether — smacks of raw politics," Boehner wrote in a statement reported by Politico. "The American people deserve honesty, transparency, and accountability — and any unilateral action will only further strain the bonds of trust between the White House and the people they are supposed to serve."

Obama had said in June that he would adopt recommendations on immigration reform "without further delay," but backlash from Democrats fearful of facing tough reelections in the fallout persuaded the president to hold off on any executive actions. While Boehner has long said he personally supports immigration reform, he points to a Republican contingent deeply divided on the issue as cause for the impasse.