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'She Blinded Me with Science' singer becomes professor

Thomas Dolby, who rose to fame when he sang "She Blinded Me with Science" in 1982, now teaches film and music at Johns Hopkins University.

Dolby, whose real name is Thomas Robertson, began his "Sound on Film" class at Johns Hopkins' Peabody Institute music conservatory on Friday. He hopes to teach his 12 students how to market their music online.

"Somebody that is a concert pianist and composer, but knows nothing about marketing, about branding, about technology, is going to have more of a challenge," Dolby told The Associated Press. "And so, part of the goal of the course that I'll be teaching here is to give students practical skills that will enable them to get the job done, and in this case it's all about filmmaking and film score composition."

Dolby may not have to worry about his rock-star status distracting his students, either: Jameson Dickman, one of the students in Dolby's class, told AP, "I actually, honestly don't know a whole bunch" about Dolby's musical career.