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Dutch artist puts giant inflatable hippo in the River Thames

The cleverly named "HippopoThames" is now floating proudly in London's River Thames.

The inflatable hippopotamus is the brainchild of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman and was commissioned by the Thames Festival Trust in honor of the annual Totally Thames festival.

Hofman's other recent works include the "world's largest rubber duck," which was displayed in Los Angeles last month. Hofman wants the hippo, which was inspired by a children's book from his parents, to inspire nostalgia for childhood in its viewers. He also hopes his works will help people better appreciate the public spaces available in their cities.

"I wanted to use the hippo to get people out of their homes, away from the internet and the TV, and to explore London with a new perspective," Hofman told CNN. If you happen to be in the U.K., the HippopoThames will be on display through Sept. 28. --Meghan DeMaria