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Baby Jean

Bruce Springsteen is writing a children's book about a bank-robbing baby

See Bruce. See Bruce run. Run, Bruce, run.

Now see Bruce write. Write, Bruce, write. Write that children's book about a bank-robbing baby.

Yes, the rock star and personification of New Jersey is publishing a children's book, Outlaw Pete, based on his 2009 song of the same name. The story tells the tale of a diapered tyke who embarks on a life of crime before reconsidering his thieving ways and settling down with a wife. Springsteen says he got the idea for the song, and thus the book, from the children's book Brave Cowboy Bill, which his mother used to read to him when he was a child.

Artist and writer Frank Caruso drew illustrations to accompany the lyrics. The book is due out November 4.

Now if only someone would turn "Dancing in the Dark" into a pop-up book riff on Hop on Pop.