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U.N. scientist arrives in Germany for Ebola treatment

A scientist infected with Ebola arrived in Germany for medical treatment on Wednesday.

The Senegalese man, whose name is being withheld by the World Health Organization for privacy reasons, became infected while working for the WHO in Sierra Leone. He is being treated at Hamburg's UKE hospital.

The WHO doesn't know how the man became infected with the Ebola virus, as he was not known to have exposure to Ebola patients — he was a surveillance officer and did not treat patients directly. More than 240 health care workers have been infected with Ebola since its outbreak, according to the WHO.

"The international surge of health workers is extremely important and if something happens, if health workers get infected and it scares off other international health workers from coming, we will be in dire straits," Christy Feig, director of WHO communications in West Africa, told The Associated Press. --Meghan DeMaria

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