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Playboy posts handy catcalling flow chart

Here's a memo to that certain kind of man who catcalls women on the street: Even the nation's preeminent skin magazine says you should stop. The good folks at Playboy have now published a handy flowchart just to guide your decision-making process, "Should You Catcall Her?"

Some highlights include: "Are you sexually frustrated?"; and "Yeah, I wanna yell sex stuff at people." There are also words of caution, such as: "Seems perfectly content. Probably shouldn't bother her"; and, "Nah, I don't even know her."

Note that the chart contains only two circumstances under which catcalling is permitted. The first is if you answer yes to this question: "Do you know her, and have you both consensually agreed to shout sexually suggestive comments to each other in public?"

And the other: "Is she literally a cat?" with the answer, "Yep. Here, kitty, kitty." --Eric Kleefeld