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Alabama teacher placed on leave for making students re-enact Michael Brown shooting

A teacher in Alabama has been placed on paid leave after allegedly having her sixth grade students re-enact the death of Michael Brown, who was shot to death earlier this month by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

The assignment began with the teacher, whose name has not been released, asking the students to research the shooting, according to a local NBC affiliate. But it then morphed into role-playing, with the students being asked to construct fake guns with fake bullets. And yes, the project involved a white student "shooting" a black student, according to one parent.

Baughn says the students used paper guns and paper bullets. "They actually shot them out of this made gun," she says. "The child falls on the ground like he's dead." [WSFA]

The school district says it is reviewing the incident and hopes to reach a resolution this week.