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Vulnerable Democratic Senator Mark Pryor embraces ObamaCare in new ad

Remember when ObamaCare was going to doom Democrats in the midterms? To be sure, it could still drag down some Democrats who have the misfortune of running in highly competitive races. But to judge from this new campaign video, Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor (D) — himself one of those unfortunate incumbents facing a tough re-election fight — doesn't think so.

When ObamaCare faltered out of the gate last year, it gave Republicans a huge edge in the anecdotal messaging war. But after the initial glitches, the law started working more or less as intended: enrollments hit the administration's target, health care costs didn't skyrocket, and the dreaded death spiral never came close to materializing.

That sharp turnaround allowed Democrats to begin highlighting the law's bright spots, as Pryor does here. Hence, Republican attacks on ObamaCare have dwindled, and the party has backed off from promoting a full repeal.