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Sascha Bender started a fist fight by 'farting all the time,' and 29 other strange sports injuries

Soccer star Sascha Bender inadvertently started a fight with one of his own teammates — with flatulence.

Christian Okpala, one of Bender's teammates for the Stuttgart Kickers, punched Bender, causing a facial injury. Okpala defended the action by claiming Bender "permanently provoked me by farting all the time."

Our sister site Mental Floss explains Bender and Okpala's confrontation as well as 29 other odd sports injuries in its video this week. Some of the other strange injuries include Lionel Simmons' tendonitis from spending too much time on his GameBoy and Glenn Healy's stitches that resulted from an attempt at bagpipe repair.

To see the full list of weird sports injuries, check out the video below. --Meghan DeMaria