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White House: Obama 'values' Hillary's thoughts

Amid speculation about President Obama and Hillary Clinton's supposed rift, both parties have issued statements to clear the air.

Obama reportedly criticized the notion that the U.S. should have helped the Syrian rebels sooner, which has been put forth by members of both parties, including Clinton. When word broke of Obama's alleged remarks, Clinton's team issued an official statement saying that she and Obama will be "hugging it out" when they meet on Wednesday night.

Now, the White House has issued a statement saying that Obama "definitely values her opinion." In an interview with Time Wednesday, White House spokesperson Eric Schultz said that the pair regularly discusses current issues. "They definitely both talk," Schultz told Time. "When they see each other, they talk socially, and they catch up on each other's personal lives. But I am sure they talk about the pressing issues of the day as well."