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Fox & Friends host on gun safety: 'Far more children died last year drowning in their bathtubs'

Fox & Friends weekend host Tucker Carlson did not agree with a report from his own network, and he made his sentiments known following a package on firearm safety around children this morning.

The report from Fox News' Heather Nauert featured a woman whose son was killed by an unsecured gun while playing at a friend's house. The family is now urging the New York Legislature to pass a bill requiring gun owners' to lock up their firearms, notes The Raw Story. Following the report, Carlson jumped in and said the story played like a scare tactic against gun owners.

"The point of that package was that guns are scary. Guns are a threat to you and your children," Carlson says. "And the truth is, while obviously a child's death is the worst tragedy imaginable, far more children died last year drowning in their bathtubs than were killed accidentally by guns. So I'd like to see a package on, 'Do you have a bathtub at home? Because I need to know that before I send my child over to your house.' A little perspective might be helpful, I think."

Carlson's co-host awkwardly tries to point out that the network did air a package on swimming pool safety earlier in the summer, but Carlson isn't quite finished.

Watch the full exchange, starting around the 3-minute mark, in the video below. --Sarah Eberspacher