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For those who have everything

For those who have everything: The Kagu Cozy Room

A small chamber for alone time — and more in our collection of bizarrely elite consumer products

The Kagu Cozy Room

Everybody needs alone time every now and then — but not everybody has a basement den or garden shed to escape to. The Kagu Cozy Room ($7,750), manufactured in Japan, solves that problem by packing into a 4-by-4-foot space "everything you could wish for from a man (or woman) cave," said Dave Parrack at gizmag.com. Just slide the high-backed chair forward, and you'll be sitting in an enclosed chamber at a desk with a small LED lamp; space for a laptop or a flat screen; and shelves and drawers for your files, action figures, and a fifth of whiskey. Air vents prevent the user from suffocating.