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John Oliver really, really wants to #GoGetThoseGeckos

John Oliver knows that in the grand scheme of things, finding a Russian satellite filled with mating geckos isn't high on the priority list. But with so much in the world going wrong right now, it could be the one thing that unites us all.

"Maybe, just maybe, if we could come together and accomplish one thing as a civilization we could then build on that progress, and I think rescuing these space sex geckos might just be that thing," he said on Sunday's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Issuing a challenge to humanity to #GoGetThoseGeckos, Oliver told his audience that hashtag activism just isn't enough, and it might be helpful to visit the Kremlin's contact page and write Vladimir Putin a letter.

Oliver doesn't know how to find the geckos ("I'm not a space pornographer!"), but that doesn't matter. "If you have better ideas, don't tell me, tell Vladimir Putin," he said. Watch the clip below to see the other famous faces Oliver was able to get on board the #GoGetThoseGeckos movement. --Catherine Garcia