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This one chart shows how ridiculously profitable Apple has become

On Tuesday, Apple reported a better-than-forecast $7.7 billion in quarterly profits, on $37.4 billion in revenue. Apple's iPad sales declined somewhat in the quarter, but the 35.2 million iPhones it sold clearly made up the difference — and more than half of Apple's quarterly revenue. "We're thrilled with the results, and we're thrilled with where we are going," Apple CEO Tim Cook tells The Wall Street Journal.

Apple's $37 billion in quarterly revenue, including $19.8 billion in iPhone sales, didn't impress investors much — the company's stock rose only a hair in after-hours trading — but they are impressive numbers. How impressive? At Slate, Jordan Weissmann looked at how big various Apple divisions would be if they were stand-alone companies. The supposedly struggling iPad unit's $5.89 billion in quarterly revenue makes it bigger than the combined earnings of Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, LinkedIn, and Tesla. But the real eye-opener is when you look at how Apple's iPhone division would fare on its own:


No wonder Apple is putting so much stock in its upcoming iPhone 6.