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'Cause I got high

Snoop Dogg claims he got high in a White House bathroom by pretending to poop

Snoop Lion, née Dogg, says he once smoked pot at the White House after tricking security into thinking he had to "do the number two." Speaking with Jimmy Kimmel on his Double G News Network, Snoop at first said he didn't smoke in the White House itself, but rather in a White House bathroom. (Unless there is a secret White Outhouse, that would seem to qualify as smoking weed in the White House.)

"I said, 'May I use your bathroom for a second?' And they said, 'What are you going to do — number one or number two?'" Snoop said. "And I said, 'number two.'"

After explaining to security that he usually smokes a cigarette to "get the aroma right" when doing his business, Snoop claims he was granted permission to light a napkin. The napkin, however, turned out to be a blunt.

It's hard to imagine anyone sneaking weed into the White House. But hey, if someone was going to do it, it would probably be the guy whose notable work includes a song with the hook, "Smoke weed everyday."