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John McCain: A 2016 GOP win against Hillary requires immigration reform

Arizona Sen. John McCain (R) on Thursday expressed concern that some members of the GOP are "marginalizing the Republican party." McCain said that if Republicans want to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016, they'll have to pass immigration reform.

Hillary Clinton is the "the odds-on favorite right now," McCain said at the "Politics on Tap" event, hosted by CNN and National Journal. "But I think we have a long list of people who could defeat Hillary Clinton."

McCain named New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich as potential GOP candidates. "We've got some very successful governors that have done very well in their states that I think once exposed to the American people could be very competitive."

McCain then went on to note the importance of immigration reform to keep the GOP relevant. "If we don't enact some kind of comprehensive immigration reform, I do not see a way for us to really win a general election," McCain said, adding that he hopes the House Republicans will reconsider their opposition.

"I think as the 2016 campaign gets closer that my colleagues will recognize... that we are marginalizing the Republican Party," McCain said.