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Bobby Jindal's presumed White House bid isn't going so well

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) has given every indication he will run for president in 2016. He's fired off op-ed after op-ed bashing everything from ObamaCare to his own party. He's visited Iowa and New Hampshire. He's called out President Obama — during a White House visit, no less, in a shocking breach of decorum.

Clearly, Jindal is positioning himself to run in 2016. The one problem, though, is that all his maneuvering has him still sucking wind at the back of the pack.

Jindal sits in last place, at one percent, in a new NBC News/Marist poll of Iowa Republicans. The finding comes one week after a PPP survey found Jindal in fourth place among potential GOP contenders in his own home state.

There is a long way to go between now and the primaries. But if Jindal's proto-presidential campaign isn't exciting voters right now, why would a full-fledged presidential campaign be any different?