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This note is sure to get you the day off to watch the World Cup

You don't have to let a pesky little thing called "work" get in the way of enjoying the United States–Germany World Cup match on Thursday. U.S. Coach Jürgen Klinsmann has you covered.

On the U.S. Soccer Facebook page, fans can download a note that any boss is sure to accept. "Please excuse [fill in your name] from work on Thursday, June 26th," it reads. "I understand that this absence may reduce the productivity of your workplace, but I can assure you that it is for an important cause." Of course, that cause is the major U.S. vs. Germany World Cup game. If the first part of the note doesn't work, the ending might: "By the way, you should act like a good leader and take the day off as well. Go USA!"

If turning that in actually gets you a day off, you either have the coolest boss in the world, or work for yourself. --Catherine Garcia