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The CDC's new anti-smoking ads are terrifying

Not to be outdone by New York City's horrifying #PouringonthePounds campaign, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released a truly scary new set of anti-smoking ads, complete with "tips" from former smokers.

The graphic advertisements feature serious health conditions that have resulted from smoking, including neck holes, premature births, tooth loss, gum disease, and cancer, in an effort to scare people out of smoking.

Another set of advertisements the CDC released in February generated more than 100,000 calls to the CDC's hotline, 1-800-QUIT-NOW. Time reports that weekly calls to the quit line were up 80 percent while the ads were live.

Starting July 7, the ads will be sent to cable TV, on the radio, in print, on billboards, in movie theaters, and online. You can also watch the ads now over at the CDC's official website.