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New House GOP Leader McCarthy debuts ad for back home — while running unopposed

Newly elected House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R) has a new ad back home in California's 23rd District, assuring his constituents that he won't lose sight of them. It is perhaps an effort to inoculate himself from the fate of his predecessor, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), who stunningly lost his own Republican primary a week and a half ago to a Tea Party challenger.

"I'm in Congress to serve you, first and foremost. Bakersfield is where I was born and raised. It's where my high school sweetheart Judy and I are raising our kids — still in the very first house we bought together," McCarthy says. "Being elected Majority Leader was an honor. But the highest honor is serving our community, and you. I'm Kevin McCarthy, and I approve this message, because my commitment to our common goals has never been stronger."

The funny thing is, McCarthy doesn't even have to run an ad for his own re-election this year — he is in fact running unopposed. But even with no other candidate on the ballot, maybe there's something to be said for an ounce of prevention. --Eric Kleefeld