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Pope Francis gets fat-shamed by CNN

Pope Francis gets fat-shamed by CNN

Even popes aren't immune to fat-shaming.

On Tuesday morning, CNN ran a caption under an image of Pope Francis that read "Pope has gained weight in office." The caption comes amid speculation about the pope's health.

Jim Romenesko reports that CNN had the text onscreen for roughly 30 seconds before switching to a more neutral "Pope reduces schedule, cancels meetings."

Given Pope Francis' popularity with Catholics and his image as someone relatable, most members of the Church probably don't care whether or not Francis has put on a few pounds since becoming the Holy Father.

Erin Gloria Ryan at Jezebel had the best response to the incident, saying that she blamed "the tendency of Catholic crucifixes to feature a svelte, musclebound Christ." Check out an image of the caption below. --Meghan DeMaria