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Indiana man avoids prison sentence after being convicted of drugging, raping his wife and filming it


David Wise, who was convicted of drugging and raping his wife for three years and filmed several of the incidents, won't serve any jail time, a Marion Superior Court judge has ruled.

Wise's ex-wife, Mandy Boardman, told the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department that she'd found the videos on Wise's phone and had woken up with a half-dissolved pill in her mouth. She says Wise also put sleeping pills in her drinks and assaulted her while she was unconscious.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Wise emailed Boardman confessing to his actions, saying he was "taking advantage of [her] in [her] sleep." Wise was convicted of six felony charges and prosecutors asked for Wise to serve 40 years, but he won't spend another day in prison. Before the trial, Wise spent 24 days in jail, and he is now sentenced to eight years of "home confinement."

Boardman says that during the trial, Marion Superior County Judge Kurt Eisgruber told her she needed to "forgive" her husband. "To have my rapist, my attacker, convicted on all six counts, only to be let go — only for him to walk out that door the same time I could — was just unfathomable," Boardman told the Times. "I never thought that he would be at home, being able to have the same rights and privileges as I do."