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Pitbull's World Cup music video features whistles, Jennifer Lopez, and a giant inflatable soccer ball

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Clear Channel)

Does this seem familiar to you, too?

Pitbull's World Cup song "We Are One" has all of the key Pitbull elements (whistling, spoken-word singing, a dress shirt with one button too many unbuttoned) so yes, it's basically that Bud Light commercial and that Dr. Pepper commercial, except it features Jennifer Lopez instead of a beverage.

To be fair: There is a definite formula to these, and the video is basically a redux of Shakira's 2010 World Cup music video. That one, too, featured dancers from the host country, a lot of shots of the different teams' players in action, and as many colors on one person as could possibly be worn. The difference is I listened to "Waka Waka" in its entirety as I finished typing this post, whereas I clicked out of Pitbull's music video as quickly as journalism would allow.

Decide for yourself by checking out the music video, below. --Sarah Eberspacher