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Scientists reveal a new contender for title of 'biggest dinosaur ever'


Paleontologists announced this week that they have uncovered the fossilized bones of what may be the largest dinosaur discovered yet.

How big? Well, check out Dr. Diego Pol lying next to one of the bones, below:

A local farmer first discovered the remains in Argentina, and scientists said they have uncovered about 150 bones total, all in "remarkable condition," according to BBC News. Believed to be a new species of titanosaur, the dinosaur's largest bone — its thigh bone — provided the blueprint for scientists' calculations on its total size. They say it could be as tall as the equivalent of a seven-story building, although Dr. Paul Barrett told BBC News that the find is still too new to know for sure.

However, he did agree that the newly found dinosaur is "a genuinely big critter," which is good enough for us.