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Your daily cry

News anchor learns of her friend's death as she delivers the breaking news on live TV


A news anchor from Taiwan's CtiTV was reportedly found dead at his home in Taipei on Thursday. Authorities suspect suicide. It is the kind of news no family member or friend wants to hear, let alone deliver.

But a fellow CtiTV reporter did just that, despite not knowing about her colleague's death prior to the live broadcast. She starts, "This just in," according to the YouTube captions. She manages to get through the first sentence, but her stoic demeanor cracks as she reads the words that detail her friend's death. Her mouth turns down, her chin wobbles, her eyes tear up, and her voice cracks, but she completes the segment with heartbreaking poise.

It is the kind of rare occupational hazard that no one should have to endure. You can turn on the YouTube captions in the video below, but the impact is just as strong without. --Lauren Hansen