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Political Derailment

Oops! Canadian politician's subway photo-op broken up by police

Here's yet another political blooper from Toronto — and it has absolutely nothing to do with Mayor Rob Ford.

In Ontario's ongoing provincial election, Conservative leader Tim Hudak was just about to hold a photo-opportunity with reporters on a Toronto subway train this morning, fittingly to announce his transit policies. There was one problem, though: His advance team hadn't actually notified the Toronto Transit Commission to get permission to film on the train. And this little oversight attracted the transit police, who broke up the whole event.

The Globe and Mail reports that the disruption did not go over well with the train's actual riders:

"Come on! We need to get home!" shouted one woman."I'm tired," said one man returning from a Mother's Day Run. "Tim Hudak, take some control."Mr. Hudak, for his part, smiled awkwardly as the scene unfolded.

Just imagine if this kind of treatment could be dished out to all the other unannounced "entertainers" who show up on subway trains.

Here is a video recorded on the spot by Joshua Skurnik, from Canada's conservative-aligned Sun News Network: