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White House on Benghazi investigation: We cooperate with 'legitimate' oversight

Pete Marovich/Getty Images

White House spokesman Jay Carney on Monday dismissed the new House investigation into the Benghazi terror attack as "highly partisan" and suggested the White House may not fully cooperate with it.

"There is a problem when you have so many conspiracy theories that get knocked down by the facts," Carney said, adding that past investigations have found no proof that the White House engaged in a cover-up, as some critics have claimed. And though he declined to say if the White House would participate in the latest investigation because it has yet to take shape, he said the administration has "always cooperated with legitimate oversight."

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) announced last week the GOP would lead more hearings about the attack following the release of a White House email mentioning Benghazi. House Democrats have yet to say if they will participate in the hearings.