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Bitchin' Corvette

This is the most Joe Biden-y photo you've seen all year


It was one of FDR's vice presidents, John Nance Garner IV, who is credited with comparing his heartbeat-away-from-the-presidency office as "not worth a bucket of warm piss." That's kind of the premise of Veep, Julia Louis-Dreyfus' well-regarded HBO show. In this photo — maybe the most Joe Biden-y photo ever, second only to The Onion's iconic photoshopped shirtless Joe Biden washing a Trans-Am at the White House — Joe Biden doesn't make the office look all that shabby.

To understand why the fictional and real vice presidents are sitting side-by-side in a yellow Corvette, you have to watch this video from Saturday night's White House Correspondents' Association Dinner (somewhat self-obsessively referred to as the "nerd prom"). But that's an endeavor well-worth seven minutes of your time, maybe just for the cameos alone. --Peter Weber