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Benjamin Netanyahu: 'You're all slaves' to selfies and smartphones

Benjamin Netanyahu: 'You're all slaves' to selfies and smartphones

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not a fan of your selfies. In candid remarks before an interview last week, Netanyahu was caught on camera railing against the culture of photographing every dang insignificant thing in one's life, asking a photo-snapping press, "What do you get out of all these photos?"

He went on, in remarks helpfully transcribed and translated by The Washington Post:

I don't get this new world. Everyone is taking pictures. When do they have time to live? They're taking pictures all the time. Everyone is taking pictures of each other. Only taking pictures, that's all they do. Taking pictures, pictures, pictures, pictures. Stop taking pictures: Live! [...] So I'm the only person here without all these electronic devices? And I'm a free man, and you're all slaves. You are slaves to your gadgets. [Washington Post]

Hear that, selfie-loving millennials? Netanyahu would never take a selfie. Ever.

(via Facebook / IsraeliPM)

Oh, never mind.