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President Obama drops an 'N Sync reference, takes us back to 2000


Was President Obama a huge TRL fan? All signs point to "yes," after he made an 'N Sync joke on his official Facebook page.

The president (OK, let's be honest, it was a member of the White House's social media team) posted a photo of himself with Justin Timberlake on Wednesday, with the caption "It's gonna be May." Anyone who wore an "I Survived Y2K" shirt to middle school knows that this is a reference to the 'N Sync masterpiece "It's Gonna Be Me." (Oh, and the fact that it really is gonna be May.) For whatever reason, when young Timberlake recorded the song he pronounced "me" like the current month and now, 14 years later, the president is joking about it on Facebook. Not even Joey Fatone saw that one coming. --Catherine Garcia