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Photos: As tensions mount, a surreal version of everyday life plays out in Ukraine

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Russian fighter jets crossing into Ukrainian airspace. Pro-Russian forces detaining unarmed military observers in the Ukrainian city of Slovyansk. Ukrainian officials claiming they will "protect our motherland against any invasion."

The last week — and more specifically, the last 24 hours — have not eased tensions between Russia, Ukraine, and pro-Russian forces within Ukraine. Instead, the tentative Geneva agreement reached last week, which called for all armed groups to lay down their weapons and hand back occupied cities, seems all but moot, notes the Associated Press.

The Group of Seven nations announced on Friday they will each be imposing additional economic sanctions on Russia accordingly. Each country will determine its own sanctions, and the White House announced that, for now, it will specifically target wealthy associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, the Obama administration did not rule out wider-reaching sanctions, which would affect more of the Russian economy, if the country refuses to dial back its actions in Ukraine.

As the politics play out, life goes on in Ukraine, albeit in a rather surreal fashion for many citizens. Below, images of the unsettled country's contrasts. --Sarah Eberspacher