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3 Americans dead, 1 injured in Kabul hospital attack


Three Americans were killed in Kabul on Thursday when an on-duty cop suddenly opened fire on them outside a children's hospital. Those slain include a doctor, and a father and son visiting the hospital. An American woman was also wounded. It was the second time this month that an Afghan police officer turned his gun on foreign civilians.

The military said the gunman, who was employed by the hospital, was captured after shooting himself in the head. He is in critical condition. Health Minister Suriya Dalil blasted the gunman's actions, saying "this was an inhumane and brutal action, and unfortunately will impact our health services."

Cure Hospital, which is run by a U.S. Christian charity, is located in a walled compound next to the American University of Afghanistan and is considered one of the country's leading medical facilities. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for similar attacks, but haven't commented on today's shooting. -- Jordan Valinsky