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MLB player chooses songs from Frozen as his walk-out music

MLB player chooses songs from Frozen as his walk-out music

Normally, my interest in baseball goes as far as the foodie-friendly eats available at New York stadiums. But hello, Zach Walters, you have turned my attention to the field.

Walters, a backup infielder for the Washington Nationals, has boldly been using selections from the Frozen soundtrack as his walk-out music. For most players, these tunes are meant to show a little personality, give a hometown shout-out, or at least pump them up before they face down the pitcher.

Walters, however, was partial to some Disney tunes. At first he was just playing the Oscar-winning "Let It Go," which, frankly, isn't even unique by baseball standards. But on Tuesday night he chose the b-side option, "Do You Want to Build a Snowman," to the delight of the crowd.

Why, might you ask, is a grown man choosing songs that every 5-year-old knows? Sure, he could have lost a bet. Or perhaps he has a niece he's particularly fond of.

Or maybe he just actually identifies with Queen Elsa and the film's message, "you do you." After all, Walters was only just pulled up from the minors. And despite impressing with two home runs earlier this month, his abilities will continue to be scrutinized. What better way to face down the critics than by blasting a song that says, "Hey buddy, you got this! Don't hold back, let it go!"

Whatever the reason, I applaud the choice. And, just remember, it's not nearly as embarrassing as the dudes who walked out to Justin Bieber.