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Can cute kids defeat Mitch McConnell?

Can cute kids defeat Mitch McConnell?

He's down in the polls and bleeding campaign staffers, but Kentucky Senate candidate Matt Bevin has a secret weapon in his arsenal to defeat Sen. Mitch McConnell in the upcoming GOP primary: some incredibly cute kids.

Nine of them, to be precise (four of whom Bevin and his wife adopted from Ethiopia).

"Mitch McConnell is telling a bunch of lies about my dad," the commercial begins.

A very good ad, no doubt. And quite clever, since kids are like Kryptonite to politicians (they can get away with saying things — bragging about their dad; calling his opponent a liar — and there's not a damn thing anyone can do or say about it).

So far, this might be the highlight for Bevin's campaign, but time is running out for him.

If only the kids were on the ballot...