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Step Up

Watch Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury take on his football players in a dance-off

John Weast/Getty Images

In case you were wondering what really goes on at those spring college football practices, Texas Tech has an answer for you: Dance!

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury, who admits he occasionally uses his Ryan Gosling-esque looks to flirt with single moms on the recruiting trail, matches players for short dance-offs in this athletic department-produced video.

There is so much bromance going on here, it's almost too much. Almost.

But if you stick it through to shortly after the two-minute mark, boy are you in for a treat. That's when Kingsbury decides to prove that in addition to football and flirting game, he also has some surprisingly smooth dance moves.

The backward visor. The "Too Turnt Up" T-shirt. The shades. You do you, Kliff Kingsbury, you do you. --Sarah Eberspacher