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Late Night Antics

Jimmy Fallon and Stevie Nicks take us back to 1981, Tom Petty wig and all


Sometimes you have to wonder what exactly goes on in the Tonight Show writers room. Here's my guess, with plenty of dramatic license taken:

Writer 1: Hey, Fallon. Stevie Nicks is coming on the show tonight. What should we have her sing?Jimmy Fallon: "Landslide?"Writer 2: Nah. Overdone. How about "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around"?Fallon: Oh, great idea. Is Tom Petty busy? No, wait, I've got that Tom Petty wig somewhere...Writer 1: And we can put Vaseline on the lens and get old microphones...Writer 2: ...and re-create the original 1981 video? That's dumb.Fallon: You're fired. Hey, let's have Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic introduce Stevie and me....

In any case, Fallon and Nicks stepped in a time machine of sorts, and here's the pretty impressive results, from Wednesday night's show:

For comparison, here's the original video. Not bad, right? --Peter Weber