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Jon Stewart mocks conservative Noah haters

Comedy Central

Conservatives have long been angry that today's godless liberals in Hollywood couldn't be bothered with making movies from the Bible, noted Jon Stewart in Tuesday night's Daily Show. Well, Hollywood is now coming out with some big-budget Biblical epics — notably Darren Aronofsky's successful new film version of the Noah's Ark story — and... religious conservatives still aren't happy.

Stewart picked through some of the criticisms of Noah — the film never says "God" (it does), isn't historically accurate (duh), and veers from the story told in Genesis (not as much as they say) — and decided that either the critics haven't seen the film, don't know the Bible, or simply don't mean the Old Testament when they pine for more God movies from Hollywood. Jon Stewart's lecture probably won't make Glenn Beck and Fox News commentators any more inclined to like Noah, though. --Peter Weber