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Survey: Fox News' climate change coverage is 28 percent accurate

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

When it comes to climate change, the reporting on Fox News isn't exactly scientifically accurate.

According to a survey conducted by the Union of Concerned Scientists, only 28 percent of Fox News' climate reports were correct. The survey analyzed climate change reports from the last year on the three largest cable news networks.

By the power of subtraction, 72 percent of Fox's climate coverage was inaccurate or misleading, the study says. The group singled out the right-leaning network's roundtable talk show The Five as the source of many of the errors. "The hosts often instigated misleading debates about established climate science," said the study.

Fox News' competitors fared better, as 70 percent of CNN's reports were rated as accurate and 92 percent of left-leaning MSNBC's reports checked out.