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Google is finding it difficult to trademark the word 'glass'

Mathew Sumner/Getty Images

It may seem that Google rules the world, but the ubiquitous company is having some trademark trouble. The Wall Street Journal reports Google is having a tough time getting the U.S. trademark office to approve its registration of the word "glass." Google wants to control the word as the public launch for its internet-connected eyewear nears.

Last year, Google successfully trademarked the phrase "Google Glass," but examiners are pushing back its application for the single word, claiming it could create customer confusion. Even if the word is displayed in the company's sleek font, examiners worry that it's still "merely descriptive" and generic words, like glass, can't be trademarked. ("You couldn't trademark the word 'shoe' for a shoe you're selling, for instance," notes the Journal.)

Google's attorneys responded to the trademark office claims last week with a 2,000-page letter disagreeing with their points, notably pushing back on the "descriptive" issue by noting that the actual device doesn't consist of glass, but of titanium and plastic. Read the rest at the Journal.