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The problem with MLB's new replay system


Major League Baseball finally implemented a comprehensive replay system this year after decades of complaints — many of them legit — about allegedly blind umpires. It's a welcome change, and one that has for the most part worked well in the early going. Yet the new system is bound to have some growing pains, as a couple of plays from Tuesday's game between the Giants and Diamondbacks revealed.

In the fourth inning, Giants manager Bruce Bochy unsuccessfully challenged the ruling that the D-Backs' A.J. Pollock was safe on a close pickoff play at first. After Pollack advanced to third later in the inning, a passed ball brought him home on another close tag play. But because Bochy had already used up his challenge in the game, he was unable to challenge the call at home — which replays showed could very well have gone in his favor, thus keeping a run off the board.

The Giants would go on to lose by one. --Jon Terbush