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'Douche king of North Carolina'? Jon Stewart checks in on Democratic corruption

Comedy Central

Never let it be said that Jon Stewart doesn't try to appear to declare a pox on both our political houses. After zinging New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) for essentially absolving himself of any guilt in the big Bridgegate scandal then flying to Vegas to suck up to GOP ATM Sheldon Adelson, Stewart spent the middle part of Monday night's Daily Show reminding viewers that Democrats are corrupt, too. He points out three examples — a New York State assemblyman, Charlotte's indicted ex-mayor and wannabe "douche king of North Carolina," and California State Sen. Leland Yee.

Feminine hygiene products aside, Yee is the most interesting of the bunch — he's a gun control supporter accused of trafficking firearms alongside an alleged accomplice named Shrimp Boy (a much more menacing figure than his name suggests). Bipartisan tsk-tsking or not, there's plenty more material for Stewart to mine here if he wants to dig a little deeper. --Peter Weber