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Two and a Half Men star says his gig was like being a 'paid hypocrite'


It doesn't seem like Angus T. Jones misses any of his cast mates from his old CBS show Two and a Half Men. The half man blasted the show again yesterday in Houston, saying it was difficult to play his role because he was a "paid hypocrite" who didn't feel comfortable starring in a racy show that didn't align with his Christian beliefs.

Jones appeared on the show for a decade before he negotiated out of his contract last November. Toward the tail end of his experience, he blasted the show's "filth" and begged people not watch the recently renewed hit. While Jones admits that he handled his departure with show creator Chuck Lorre poorly ("That's his baby and I just totally insulted his baby"), he says he is living a happier life. These days, Jones is finding God in Colorado, where he has become a close follower of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Read the rest of the interview at KHOU.