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The Daily Show turns Mitch McConnell into a goofy music video star

Comedy Central

Earlier this week, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's re-election campaign released an odd ad consisting entirely of smiling photos of the senator under a dialogue-less musical soundtrack. On Thursday night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart had an immense amount of fun replaying the ad under different songs — and encouraging readers to similarly enjoy themselves while his show goes on spring break. As Stewart noted briefly, the ad is probably a way to legally give outside super PACs some happy video clips for their own pro-McConnell commercials (thought Team McConnell can't be disappointed that it has gone viral). None of that means the video doesn't look better under Sir Mix-a-Lot...

Stewart isn't the only one reappropriating the ad — via Slate's David Weigel, there's a whole YouTube account dedicated to putting McConnell into the opening credits of 1990s sitcoms. Full House, anyone? --Peter Weber