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Trump: 'I have a lot of friends from China'

Trump: 'I have a lot of friends from China'

Real estate tycoon and pretend presidential candidate Donald Trump used his speaking slot at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday to deliver a rambling, confusing indictment of President Obama, brag about his business acumen, and tout his Chinese friends. Explaining how he knew about developments in China before the media did, Trump boasted, "I knew it because I have a lot of friends from China.

He went on:

By the way, I don't dislike China. You know, Businessweek did an article about the thing the Chinese most want... the thing they most want — you know what one of the top ten things: anything Trump. You believe it? My apartments, my ties. They love me. They love me. I've got the largest bank in the world from China, Chinese bank, the largest in the world, biggest bank in China is my tenant, in one of my buildings. And they said, "We'll never leave, we love you, we love the building." Because they're smart, and they'll respect you if you're smart. They don't respect stupid people."