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Watch Seth Meyers and Lena Dunham discuss girls


It turns out that Seth Meyers is a big fan of Girls, the HBO show created by and starring Lena Dunham. And Dunham is a huge, obsessive fan of Meyers' old show, Saturday Night Live. Their conversation, on Thursday night's Late Night, was not a hard-hitting interview.

Meyers told Dunham that he's learned a lot about women watching Girls with his wife — like that women get in huge fights and think nothing of it. "My boyfriend thinks it's an insane pathology," Dunham agreed. She also recalled a story about being pulled aside by the TSA before a flight to Ohio, by agents who had no idea that she is famous and has her own TV show. The best part of the story is her mom's reaction.

This is the interesting thing about the new Late Night: It looks like Meyers is having actual conversations with his guests. Maybe he is. --Peter Weber