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Hawaii's ObamaCare exchange won't be viable until 2022

Hawaii Health Connector, as the exchange is called, has apparently failed to secure non-state funding, and won't be financially self-sustaining for 10 years, according to a report published by the Hawaii Commerce and Consumer Affairs Department.

Hawaii's ObamaCare exchange is the most expensive in the country. Reg Baker, an accountant and former CFO for the Hawaii Medical Assurance Association, told Watchdog.org that "the funding source to keep the Connector operational should have been determined and secured a long time ago," adding that the current situation "implies that they had other plans for funding operations that did not materialize for them."

Connector Director Jeff Kissel, however, said he thinks the goal of enrolling 70-80,000 people in the exchange program is realistic. The number of people enrolled by the Connector has grown from 1,000 people last year to 16,000 people this year.